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RC-ME is an official dealer of AVID Racing Concepts with full access to the product range. 

AVID Racing Concepts is very popular for their high-quality RC Car, Bearings, Custom Parts, Accessories, and tools often produced and often explicitly packaged for most popular hobby-grade car manufacturers, i.e.. (Team Associated, Tamiya, Xray, etc...) 

The AVID as a company is lead by David Joor. In the years ahead of committing himself fully to AVID raced professionally for several teams such as RCAMERICA, Xray, Hudy, Ko Propo, Proline, Rocket Science, Avid, Kinetix, Racer's Edge, and Upgrade RC and Team Associated. 

Avid Racing Concepts has since its founding raced at the top level with the AVid name winning more than 35 US National level races in offroad nitro/electric, on-road nitro/electric, and even drag racing nitro/electric. 

The company supports a fantastic list of team drivers, with a massively impressive list of team drivers that will continue to mark their influence on the podium and overall industry, hobby and sport. 

More detailed information on the company and its team is available on the AVID RC site

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