Proud partner of the Dubai English Speaking College Motorsports Club

RC-ME came to life out of a passion for RC Cars and racing and ambition to grow the fantastic hobby and sport and its community.

An essential way of doing this is finding new and creative ways to introduce the sport to new members and investing in youth.

We are incredibly proud to be a partner of the Dubai English Speaking College with the introduction of the DESC Motorsport club as part of their Extracurricular Activity open to a limited number of places among year 10 & 11 students.
They will be working in teams to compete against each other in both racing and engineering.

Hobby-grade RC Car racing operates under nearly all the same principles and rules as full-size 1:1 car racing, providing an opportunity to build, tune, test optimize, compete and work as a team. All these add up to valuable learnings that can help open doors to future career opportunities, i.e., engineering.
If you are interested in finding out more or potentially working within a school or college looking to introduce something similar, please don't hesitate to contact us.
The students will be building the Xpress Execute XQ2s with parts, tuning options, and accessories from: