Express Execute XQ10 Part 1 - First Review – Edward Anthonijsz

With the arrival of Xpress at RC-ME, we gave our team driver Edward Anthonijsz an Execute XQ10 to build, take to the track, and recent races.

Here is Ed's report in his own words:

I have built many touring cars in the past (Tamiya, Xray, Awesomatix, Yokomo). The out-of-the-box quality from the Xpress was a pleasant surprise for me. 

All the plastic parts fit nicely during the build, and no sanding is required. 

The XQ10 has a mid-motor layout, with front and rear belts are at equal length providing a design and balance that will help you towards higher cornering speeds. 

The included instruction manual is clear, making it easy to build the car correctly. 

The aluminum front and rear bulkheads are a two-piece design for improved flex control. The suspension holders are aluminum, including pills/inserts you can use to adjust the roll center, width, inboard toe, anti-dive/squat to your preference.


The FF and RR suspension holder is a one-piece design, and the FR and RF are a split design, providing more flex and traction control at each end. 


The anti-roll bars pivot using ball bearings for a smooth operation.

Something creative we love about the design of the motor mount is the slot at the bottom created to route the ESC wires cleanly between the motor and receiver.

We haven't seen this anywhere else so far. 

The shocks use aluminum bodies and caps and operate smoothly. The kit includes 5000 CST oil for the differential; however, I felt this a bit hard after assembling and opted to use 3000 CST, and may even go lower due to the low grip surface we have. 


There are few things I decided to upgrade as part of the build. 

I replaced the steel outdrives with the titanium spool outdrive (XP-10671) to reduce rotational mass. 

 To further reduce weight I installed lightweight wheel nuts (XP-20017)

The blades (included with the optional titanium spool outdrive) on the outdrive removes the slop in the drive train. To avoid using tape to secure LiPo's, I installed the anti tweak battery mounts (XP-10717).

 1st - Test Drive

COVID-19 provided a challenge for us to travel to the track. However, we made a fair share of effort converting parking lots into reasonable temporary tracks to test.  

The car has plenty of steering; however, the very stiff out-of-the-box chassis would work great on high traction surface/carpet, compromised traction on Asphalt. To counter this, I installed the flex top deck (XP-10639) to allow for more flex, which increased overall traction.

A nice feature of the top deck is the ability to adjust flex in the front area by moving the bridge further forward or backward or by opting not to using any of the provided stiffeners at all. 

 1st race - Ibn Battuta Race (race round up)

Confident in the car's setup and handling, I used it at the IBN Battuta race [IBN Battuta Race], a painted asphalt surface. I opted to use the Dogsbollox from Zooracing (ZR-0005-07) to ensure I maintain sufficient steering without too much oversteer. 

I am using the Justock ESC and 13.5T motor from Hobbywing (38020240) for electronics and a Proamps Servo (BLS108), all powered by a Proamps Lipo (PA60002S2P). 

Traction in the morning was low due to morning dew on the painted surface. However, the car handled very well as soon as temperatures rose, enabling me to get TQ-based and take 1st place in the A-Main. 

I was delighted with the results so far and looking forward to the next race; my objective was to lower the car's weight down to 1320 grams and max out what the race specs permitted. I did so by installing the Axon aluminum turnbuckles [click here]. The intention here was to bring down the center of gravity, reduce body roll, and increase cornering speeds.  


    2nd race - Night-Time Touring at Drift Zone DXB (race round up)

    The second race with the XQ10 was a night race at the Driftzone in Dubai, on standard, slightly more coarse Asphalt, with traction compromised by fine dust from the surrounding desert. 

     Again the track was slippery at the start, with everybody struggling for traction till the track eventually cleaned up as racing lines became more defined where the XQ10 started to perform. 

    I managed to get the fastest lap of the day and the TQ. Unfortunately, I couldn't convert the TQ to 1st place due to an unfortunate collision at the start of the race costing me more than half a lap at the beginning of the last A-Main heat. 

    Summary so far, after two races.

    The Xpress Execute XQ10 is an excellent high-quality competition-level kit at a fantastic price point. The initial out-of-the-box setup is stiffer and suited for more high traction surfaces such as carpet. That said, it was no problem to set up the car for looser surfaces with very few upgrades at a reasonable cost and setup tweaks. 

    A further advantage is that parts and upgrades are stocked and available in the region on and at competitive prices, mitigating the need to order internationally at longer waiting times and high shipping costs. 

    I will continue using the XQ10 for the foreseeable future and report on modifications and setups I will make to stay ahead. Some of the upgrades I am planning for are:

    • Titanium screws for the upper part of the chassis to lower the weight further while lowering the center of gravity
    • Flex chassis to increase the overall traction on asphalt

    Kit and Accessories:

    List of Upgrades to date:

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