Yokomo - YD-2Z - RWD Drift Car (DP-YD2Z)

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The YD-2, synonymous with RWD drift cars, has undergone a significant evolution! The brand new machine bearing the name of "Z," which can be said to be the final form, is equipped with a new 3-split transmission case on the shaped main chassis and will be launched as a new standard machine!

A new integrated bulkhead is used around the front to improve the left-right steering balance and operability. The kit includes the new upper deck and is compatible with slide racks as standard, and steering characteristics can be obtained according to various situations with minimal changes.

The gear case of the 3-gear transmission has also been newly designed, and the maintainability has been greatly improved by dividing it into three parts. Since you can access the diff just by removing the cap on the rear side, you can easily handle even a ball diff with high maintenance frequency. In addition, the motor position can be selected from 13 stages by rotating the motor mount, making it easy to obtain the center of gravity balance according to the road surface from low mount to high mount. With 3 gears, the throttle response is outstanding and combined with the rear traction produced by the supple main chassis; it demonstrates higher fighting power than you can imagine!

Main Features:

  • Overall length: 425mm
  • Overall width: 198mm
  • Wheelbase: 256mm
  • Secondary reduction ratio: 1: 2.6
  • All equipment weight: 1500g
  • 3 gear rear transmission
  • Newly designed 3-split sealed gear box
  • Resin integrated type Front bulkhead
  • Four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
  • Front short suspension arm
  • High-performance vehicle height adjustable oil damper
  • Resin one-piece main chassis
  • 13-step adjustable aluminum motor mount
  • High-angle steering system for RWD
  • 49mm bone rear Universal shaft
  • LS rear lower suspension arm
  • Newly designed narrow club knuckle
  • Large rear diffuser

Since the suspension parts are inherited from the conventional parts, it is possible to continue to use optional parts.

The new front bulkhead is an integrated resin molding. It weighs about half as much as aluminum, and can significantly reduce the weight around the front.

The upper deck is compatible with the inverted servo of the slide rack as standard. The servo mount on the back side also comes with resin.

From low mount to high mount, it is possible to select the position of the motor from 13 stages around the top shaft. (There is a limit on the gear ratio when mounting low)

The rear brace can be inverted and installed depending on the position of the motor. The degree of freedom in the layout of the mechanism and the pitching rigidity can be changed.

By using two types of battery holders properly, it is possible to mount from short size Li-po to standard size batteries.

Equipped with a height-adjustable oil shock as standard equipment. Combined with an all-round type spring, it reliably captures the road surface.

A responsive 3-gear transmission. Since the gear case is a closed type, it can run even in places with a lot of sand and dust such as parking lots.

A 3-split gear case with greatly improved maintainability. You can easily access the differential by removing the cap on the rear side.



he slim main chassis balances rigidity and is optimized for RWD drift driving.

* The photo is an assembly reference example. Since it is a prototype, it may differ from the actual product.
The pictures are the assembled samples on prototype. It may changes at the production version without notice.

Assembly kit

What you need to drive:

  • 2-channel radio set (transmitter / receiver / speed controller / servo)
  • steering gyro,
  • battery (Lipo 2 cell)
  • charger
  • 1/10 size drift tires / Wheels
  • motors
  • 1/10 size drift body
  • polycarbonate paint

The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, steering gyro, and other R / C electrics.



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