EXP-30R2PG - EVO-R2 Pro compound Pre-glued set Touring Car Rubber tires 24mm 30deg 4pcs (EXP-30R2PG)

Sale priceAED 140


The Sweep Racing EXP EVO-R2 Pro Pre-Mounted Touring Car Rubber Tires features a strong inner belt and were developed to provide racers with a long wear tire that delivers consistent grip on asphalt tracks. In fact, racers have reported 2-3 times longer tire life compared to the previous EXP tire. This 24mm tire was the official control tire for the Reedy race in 2014 and 2015. 

The tire is pre-mounted on the Sweep EXP-WAN stiff natural nylon wheel, with a thick medium carbon insert.

Track Temperature vs. Compound:

  • 32-59°F (0-15°C): 24R
  • 59-95°F (15-35°C): 30R
  • 95-140°F (35-60°C): 36R
  • 140°F+ (60°C+): 40R

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