ATOMIC - BZ3 Chassis Kit (BZ3-KIT)

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Atomic is always aiming to provide racers top level competition machine and we have been working hard after BZ 2017 released. After years of experience and listening to racers opinion around the world; We now fully re-model our flag ship BZ chassis and introduce the new BZ3
The first impression of BZ3 is the extreme Low center of gravity (CG). It probably has lowest CG amount all 1:28 AWD. The ball diff is 1.5mm lowered compared to old version BZ. Motor, servo also lowered than before. Upper deck is going thru between belts, makes BZ3 very slim. The low CG helps a lot in cornering performance. 
And 90% of BZ3 components are new, suspension arms, knuckles, arm mounts, bulkheads, motor mount, ball diff, ball caps, steering system, servo saver and our proudly new designed rear suspension system. 
The rear suspension system is the main innovation part of BZ3. It can convert into 3 forms to suit all kinds of track conditions:
(1) CLS – Camber Link System (like BZ2017, suitable for carpet, low to medium traction)
(2) UTS – Upper T-Arm System. (new in BZ3, suitable for RCP or EVA tracks, those high traction condition)
(3) ARS – Active Rear-Toe system, (like BZ 2016, for experts who knows set up very well)
What is new in BZ3:
- New Front Arms and knuckles: Increase stability in straight direction
- New Steering Crank (with servo saver function)
- New Rear Suspension Arm Mounts
- New Rear UTS (Upper T-arm System) increase rear suspension rigidity. Thus increase
stability of rear wheel traction.
- New Chassis design, offer Ultimate Low CG (center of gravity)
- New Ball Diff, Easy Build and Fast Adjustable
- New Ball Caps
- New Bulkheads
- New Low CG Motor Mount
- New Shock Towers

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