OMG - POLARIS-DR-120AX3 Drift Speed Controller Violet (OMG-ESC-DR120AX3/VT)

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This ESC is especially made with focus on 1:10 drift cars and on road racing. This is a new updated version of the X2 120A. The new designed output stage gives you a more linear acceleration, better medium and low speed performance and with these benefits a better performance for your drift car! Also the ability for more radical turbo settings will make your driving more agressive! A 6 Volt 5 amps BEC will give you more power for your steering servo and your gyro!

Product ID:OMG-DR-120AX3
Max Current:120A
Peak Current:760A
Supported Voltage:2-3S Lipo
BEC Model:6V/5A
Wire Model of Motor:12 AWG
Wire Model of Battery:12 AWG

Mode options available:
1 Three operating modes
2 Drag brake force
3 Low voltage protection
4 Startup mode
5 Maximum braking force
6 Maximum Force Reverse
7 Initial brake
8 Throttle Neutral Dead Zone
9 Boost timing mode
10 Timing start time
11 Overheat protection
12 ?
13 Variable timing starting speed
14 Turbo on delay
15 Boost timing acceleration

1.How to set the throttle range:

In order to make the ESC match the throttle range, you must calibrate it when you begin to use a new ESC, or a new transmitter, or after you change the settings such as the TRIM, D/R,
EPA and other parameters of throttle channel on your transmitter, otherwise the ESC will not work properly.

In order to optimize the throttle range and achieve the most accurate position of the neutral point of the throttle, you need do as following:

Firstly connect the battery receiver, then click the small red button on the power switch. Press and hold the red button, and then turn on the power switch. Release the red button,
the red indicator light flashes, and the motor emits a beep beep. At this time, it has entered the setting state.

Click the red button once to enter the throttle neutral point setting, the motor beeps, indicating that the neutral point setting is complete. Then hit the throttle to the maximum forward
range and press the red button to set the maximum forward range of the throttle.

Then push the throttle to the maximum reverse stroke and press the red button again to set the maximum reverse range of the throttle.

After the setting is completed, turn off the power, and then turn on the power again. The ESC has read the previous settings and can be used normally.

2.Why does my ESC only can move forward, but not backward?

Since our ESC is preset to the racing mode at the factory, there is no backward function under this mode. If you need the backward function, you need reset the settings and change
the racing mode into practice mode.

3.Why does my ESC have too many problems under the acceleration mode and It will automatically switch to lithium battery protection mode?

When the TURBO function is turned on, the motor cannot be tested idling. Because turbo Timing it contained will accelerate according to the motor alignment. The faster the motor
rotates vertically, the faster it accelerates. The motor rotates so fast under idling that it accelerates easily to exceed the vertical range and cause the motor to lose step. If the motor
is stuck at high speed when the TURBO function is turned on, the turbo timing must be lowered.




• Ensure all wires and connections are well insulated before connecting the ESC to related devices, as short circuit will damage your ESC. 

• Ensure all devices are well connected, in order to prevent poor connections that may cause your vehicle to lose control or other unpredictable issues such as damage to the device. 

• Read through the manuals of all power devices and chassis and ensure the power configuration is rational before using this unit.

• Stop using the ESC when its casing temperature exceeds 90℃/194℉; otherwise your ESC will get destroyed and may also get your motor damaged.

• Always disconnect the batteries after use, as the ESC will continue to consume current if it is still connected to batteries (even if the ESC is turned off). 


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