OMG - Predator Coreless, low profile, programmable Digital Servo - Purple (OMG-LP-09CF/VT)

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 The OMG Predator Coreless Digital Servo is a low profile, full metal, steel gear, coreless motor high voltage servo, programmable and available in multiple colors. 

Technical Details

  • Operating voltage:6.0-7.4V
  • Operating speed:  6.0V-0.085sec/60'   
  • 7.4V-0.082sec/60'
  • Dynamic torque: 
    • 7.4V-9.7kg-cm
    • 8.4V-10.5kg-cm
  • Horn gear spline:25T
  • Size: 41x20.5x26mm
  • Weight:55g
  • Limit angle:180±10°(500-2500μsec)
  • Rotating direction:180°(1000-2000μsec)
  • Operating travel :220
  • Neutral position :1520μsec
  • Maximum:≈180°(500-2500μsec)
  • Pules width range :500-2500μsec
  • Dead band width:2μsec
  • Connector wire length:200 mm





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