OMG - RWD DRIFT SPEC, low profile, programmable Digital Servo - Red (OMG-LP-18DF)

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Especially designed for 1:10 RC Drifting the OMG-LP-18DF is a Basic Edition low profile, full metal IRT motor, high voltage servo with steel gears and fully programmable. 

Technical Details

  • Operating voltage: 4.8-7.4V
  • Fastest speed: special slow steering gear for four-wheel drive drift car
  • Locked-rotor torque: 7.4V-18kg-cm
  • Output gear: 25T
  • Product size: 41x20.5x30 mm
  • Product weight: 49g
  • Operating stroke: 180±10°(500-2500μsec)
  • Rotation direction: 180°(1000-2000μsec)
  • Angle limit: 220
  • Neutral point: 1520μsec
  • Maximum stroke: ≈180°(500-2500μsec)
  • Pulse width range: 500-2500μsec
  • Death drive pulse width: 2μsec
  • Wire length: JR180 mm
  • Wire model: #22PVC





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