RC MAKER - Body Anti-Tuck Wing Mounting Set V1 (RRCM-AT-D9)

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RC Makers new Anti-Tuck Wing Mounting Set introduces a compact, efficient way of integrating wing mounting and anti tuck components. 

This system prevents body tucks behind the rear wheel arch during racing, as well as inconsistencies on high speed tracks and in windy conditions, causing the bodyshell to vibrate. 

They weigh in at only 7g for the pair, this lightweight strut only requires one additional M3 screw other than the wing mounting screw to secure the strut behind the wheel arch.

Using your existing upper wing buttons, you can screw directly into the strut securing it at the top whilst also securing your wing. Following this, simply ream a hole in your bodyshell lining up with the bottom of the strut, and thread in M3 screw and tighten. It's so simple! 

You will notice the extra material that sits in the vertical part of the wing strut. In crashes this section of the bodyshell can often crush or deform, and is unable to be repaired. Our brace fixes this and prevents deformation in this area, ensuring your body lasts longer!

Our strut is produced by Australia's highly regarded 3D Printing experts THiNK RC. These are constructed of a rigorously tested, flexible, yet strong plastic material which allows them to be used time and time again between bodies. They have been durability tested on track with brilliant results during racing incidents and off track excursions! 

The struts are custom made to fit each body to perfection. We currently offer the following Anti Tuck integrations:

  • Protoform D9
  • BittyDesign JP8HR

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