Tamiya M07 (Concept & R) Titanium Screw kit (54758)

Sale priceAED 190


This titanium screw set for the M-07 Concept and M-07r chassis kit contains 87 screws of different sizes for an approximate weight reduction of 17 grams.

• 3x6mm Titanium Hex Screw x5
• 3x8mm Titanium Hex Screw x45
• 3x8mm Titanium Countersunk Hex Screw x8
• 3x10mm Titanium Hex Screw x11
• 3x10mm Titanium Countersunk Hex Screw x10
• 3x15mm Titanium Hex Screw x8
• Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis.
• Item 54232 M3x0.5mm Thread Forming Tap may be used on the M-07 for easier installation.

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