Xpress -C Hub King Pin Set 2+2 For Execute XQ2S Strong V2 C-hub (XP-10401)

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Replacement King pin for the new V2 Strong C-Hub found on the Execute XQ2S, be sure to keep a set in your parts bag or when you're upgrading from the old C Hubs!

Note: To use this new collar with other touring chassis in the Execute series, including XQ10, XQ10F, XQ1, XQ1S, FT1, and FT1S, you need to use also the C-hub from XQ2S #XP-10400 Composite C Hub 4 Degree L/R (Strong V2) or #XP-10810 Composite C Hub 4 Degree L/R (Strong Hard) V2.


  • For: Xpress Execute XQ2S, V2 Strong C Hub
  • For: Xpress XQ10 XQ10F XQ1 XQ1S FT1 FT1S with extra parts
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black


  • Upper King Pin (2 pcs)
  • Lower King Pins (2 pcs)

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