Yokomo - BD10 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit (MRTC-BD10)

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After thoroughly analyzing chassis movement and how it impacts handling, Yokomo engineers developed a unique center drive system to optimized the balance between the front and rear, taking advantage of weight transfer and driving torque. The increase in drive-ability has been achieved thanks to a combination of optimized roll center, pivot axis, pitching balance, weight distribution and other values. This helps to break the mold of modern day touring cars that have a tendency to feel nervous and peaky, with an increase in both stability and speed.

The BD10 creates more traction with the 2mm longer front and rear suspension arms, without sacrificing the minimum pitching motion that is critical for proficient cornering and speed, and yet does not compromise on stability throughout the corner. This helps to reduce the burden on the driver, and creates a chassis that can be driven hard with less effort. 



  • NEW Center drive layout
  • NEW Main chassis & Upper deck
  • NEW Aluminum motor mount
  • NEW Long suspension arm(F/R 2mm longer)
  • NEW Aluminum suspension mount(for long suspension arm)
  • NEW Pitching control plate
  • NEW Shock cylinder coating
  • NEW Dual shock O ring
  • NEW Super progressive spring (Front)
  • NEW Center pulley (20T)
  • NEW 4mm Aluminum hex hub
  • NEW AXON Stabilizer wire (F/R)
  • NEW AXON Gear diff axle O ring




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