Yokomo - BD10LCR 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit (Graphite) (MRTC-BD10LCR)

Sale priceAED 2,300



They Yokomo BD10LCR 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit is based on the proven BD10 platform, a highly reliable high performance platform driven by several professionals and experts across the globe. The BDLCRC kit is an evolution focused on maintaining Low Center of Gravity and RTC (rear toe control) suspension enabling the car to optimize its turning characteristics.  

The new front shock tower has been significantly lowered vs. the BD10, resulting in a smoother steering, and the car handling less nervous at high speed, resulting in better tire performance. 

Equipped with RTC as a standard the cars turning characteristics can be optimized. A standard suspension arm is also included to make use of according the track you are at. 


  • Aluminum lightweight upper bulkheads
  • Laydown front damper & damper stay
  • Laydown rear body mount
  • AXON Aluminum integrated hexagonal hub
  • AXON Soft Shock Diaphragm & O-ring
  • AXON High efficiency hard spur gear



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