Yokomo - Pro4D Drift Spec Brushless Speed Controller (BL-PRO4D)

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The Yokomo Pro4D Drift Spec Brushless Speed Controller was developed in cooperation with Yokomo’s Takahiro. This ESC is a great choice for RWD and AWD chassis thanks to its mild low RPM throttle response and a boosted mid RPM range creates the opportunity for insane drift angles. The controller comes pre-wired, with a large cooling fan.

Motor Type: Sensored/Sensored 4 Pole
Motor Limit: >3.5T (when using fan)
Operating Voltage: 3.7-7.4V
Foward/Brake/Reverse: Yes
Full Aluminum Heatsink: Yes
Voltage Drop @20A Per Phase: 0.0095V
Rated Current Per Phase: 828A
Fan: 20x20x10mm, Plugged type
BEC Output: 6V/7.4V Built in DC Booster, 3A Continuous
BEC Output Short Protection: Yes
Boost 0 Mode: Yes
Multi-frequency System: Yes
Power Wires: 12awg
Case Size: 32.9x34.6x21mm (without fan)
Weight: 50g (without cables and fan)

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