Yokomo - YD-2 AC - Assembled - 1/10 RWD RC Drift Car Chassis Kit (DP-YD2ACA)

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For those who would like to try RWD drift for the first time, a complete chassis set is now available! It is pre-assembled set based on the popular, and best-selling RWD drift car model called YD-2E, including a transceiver, ESC, servo, motor, battery and charger, and also a steering gyro that is an essential item of RWD drift. If you prepare the body and tires/wheels you like, you can drive immediately. Even more, the alignment and gyro gain of each part have already been adjusted, so you can fully enjoy the performance of the YD-2E even when driving in the parking lot.


■ 1/10 size RWD Drift car
■ Pre assembled chassis kit
■ Latest 2.4GHz transceiver system
■ RC device installed/adjusted
■ Same specifications as the RWD drift car YD-2E
■ Optional parts for YD-2 can be installed

Optional parts added to YD-2SXIII

  • Graphite battery holder
  • Aluminum integrated front axle
  • Aluminum variable rear short A arm
  • Variable kingpin front SP ST block set
  • Graphite bumper / bumper brace
  • Low friction front axle bearing
  • Aluminum 30mm rod end adapter
  • Aluminum 23mm rod end adapter
  • Aluminum front upper I arm
  • Aluminum adjustable suspension mount set
  • Titanium Φ4.8mm ball end set
  • Titanium coated shock shaft
  • Fluororubber Hyper Diaphragm
  • High-grade O-ring

Required to complete:

  • Body
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • AA Batteries (4 for transmitter)

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